The Cost of Meth Contamination

The Cost of Meth Contamination

The financial costs involved to remedy a property that has been contaminated with methamphetamine (‘P’ or ‘meth’) can run into six figure sums. In fact sometimes houses are so badly affected that there is no way that they can be refitted to a level that they will be guaranteed 100% contamination free.

There are also the health associated costs that living in a P contaminated environment create. Respiratory, skin and neurological disorders are often the result. Sometimes the problems can become severe - just from the side-effects of exposure to residual chemicals.

It’s not always easy to spot a house that has had P manufacturers or users living in it. Testing for P residue is a good way to help ensure you pick up the problem when the signs are not obvious.

The NZ Herald, March 2016, quoted the following:

“Nearly 280 state houses tested positive for meth contamination in the nine months to December, Housing New Zealand confirmed last week.

It spent about $12 million to $13 million a year on remedial work…”

“…Almost 400 Housing New Zealand properties are uninhabitable as a result of P, according to the most recent figures.

Most contaminations are a result of P use, rather than the houses being used as P labs.

In the last six months alone, Housing New Zealand has spent $5.8 million on testing and remediation.”