8 good reasons for a pre-purchase house inspection

8 good reasons for a pre-purchase house inspection

Ensures safety

One of the most important issues when considering a new property is the safety factor. There are a lot of factors to consider - is the house structurally sound? Are there potential fire risks? Is the house damp and contains toxic mould? While some things will be obvious, others can be missed by the un-trained eye.

Identifies structural issues

Apart from the safety issues, structural problems can be very expensive to fix.

Gives you negotiating power

By understanding what problems or potential problems have been identified, you can look at potential costs for repairs and factor this in to your budget. If the problems are significant, you could then either request that these problems be addressed by the current owner or ask for a reduction in the asking price.

Helps predict future issues

The inspection can help identify potential maintenance issues. This will depend on the building materials used and the climate.

Provides objectiveness

It’s human nature to find something you really like, but be blinded to some of it’s faults. A house inspection can provide a level of objectivity to help make sure you know what you are really looking at with the property.

While a home inspection is not perfect and can miss some more deeply hidden problems, the inspection will go into much more detail than most un-trained people could.

It’s inexpensive

Relative to the cost of purchase, a property inspection is insignificant. And it’s a bit difficult to back out of a contract once you have signed on the dotted line. You could save yourself hundreds to thousands of dollars. You may even decide not to go ahead with a purchase if you feel the potential problems are too great. That could save you a huge sum.

Identifies water ingress issues

Moisture testing to the interior of the building could identify issues which can save you thousands due to structural damage.

Gives you peace of mind

Buying a home is one of the largest investments that you will make. Save yourself stress and anxiety - a pre-purchase inspection will help to make sure you have a solid and safe home.