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Methamphetamine Powder

The Cost of Meth Contamination

Published 3 Apr 2016 by Paul Goodwin in Methamphetamine Testing

The financial costs involved to remedy a property that has been contaminated with methamphetamine ('P' or 'meth') can run into six figure sums. Sometimes houses are so badly affected that there is no way that they can be...

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Methamphetamine testing

What is Methamphetamine?

Published 26 Feb 2016 by Paul Goodwin in Methamphetamine Testing

Methamphetamine is an extremely addictive, powerful stimulant. It produces wakefulness, hyperactivity and a euphoric effect.

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House Inspection - No Roof Insulation

What house inspections can turn up...

Published 2 Feb 2016 by Paul Goodwin in The Inspection Gallery

Over my many years as a building inspector, I've seen some good examples of houses which have problems or potential problems waiting to happen. Here's a few:

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House Inspection

8 good reasons for a pre-purchase house inspection

Published 7 Jan 2016 by Paul Goodwin in Why bother with an inspection?

One of the most important issues when considering a new porperty is the safety factor. There are a lot of factors to consider - is the house structurally sound? Are ther potential fire risks? Is the house damp and contains toxic mould?

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